Crystal Park in Montana, USA

Crystal Park is located in the beautiful, arid Pioneer Mountains of Southwest Montana.  

Crystal Park is located in the beautiful, arid Pioneer Mountains of Southwest Montana.  

Are you a rock hound?  Do you love digging in the dirt to find hidden treasure?  Are you fascinated by geological gems?  If so, you will enjoy an afternoon at Crystal Park in the Pioneer Mountains of Southwest Montana.  Crystal Park is off the beaten path at 7,800 feet above sea level.  On your honor, pay a small fee to dig to your hearts content. 


Crystal Park seems to be a free for all.  There are random holes dug throughout the 220-acre site.  Jump into a pit and dig deeper or take advantage of an already exposed vein of quartz.  You can also discover an uninterrupted plot and break your own ground.  Kids have great fun digging in the grit while grown ups are thrilled to come upon intact crystals to take home. 


You will need to bring your own tools for digging (pick axe, shovel, trowel, screen for sifting, etc.).  The landscape in the summer tends to be hot and dry.  We recommend that you bring a hat, sunscreen and plenty of drinking water.  There are pit toilets, a hand pump for water and picnic tables.


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