Scuba Diving in Cairns, Australia

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Prior to leaving for our scuba diving trip near Cairns in Australia, which is along the Great Barrier Reef, we bought a live aboard package through the Spirit of Freedom (, a dive agency.  A “live aboard” package is where you get to stay on the boat for multiple days, which often allows you to explore more remote areas. 

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From Cairns in northeast Australia we took a flight on a small plane to Lizard Island National Park.  There, we embarked on a vessel heading back to Cairns for our five days of living aboard dive experience.

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We were pleasantly surprised to find a great deal of structure for the diving process; completely different (better) than the ones we are used to here in Brazil and others places abroad. We dove four or five times each day. One day, we dove with many sharks and were even feeding them. 

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The staff on the boat was nice and the food was good. The private rooms were cramped, but we used them only for bathing and sleeping.

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An all around wonderful experience!!! We recommend this.

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